HFT 3423 Hospitality Information Systems

Information and communication technologies have emerged as key platforms to facilitate operations, commerce, and communication on a global basis. In the hospitality and tourism industry, the importance of information technology systems has increased tremendously in the past few years – and this trend will certainly continue. The integration of technology systems into the operation, marketing and management efforts of hospitality and tourism organizations is an important key to success. This integration requires that technology and the overall organizational mission/goals are coordinated to achieve the desired effectiveness. This course is designed to cover topics related to information system applications in the hospitality industry.

Spring 2016: HFT 3423 Hospitality Information Systems

  • Students were required to prepare a term project. The development of information technology keeps changing hotel guest experiences, and hotel operations. The main goal of this project was to envision a hotel of the future and present how technologies of the future might alter different departments of hotels, associated processes, and guest experiences by 2020-2025. In order to complete this project, studnets selected a specific department at a hotel that was of most interest to them. They prepared a written report (paper), and presented their project in front of the class.